To Help Shape The Future of Chiropractic and Navigate This Great Profession Through The Challenges Ahead by Positioning Ourselves as the Primary Mode of Health Care on the Planet. “CHIROPRACTIC FIRST!”

"Every Spine Needs Chiropractic Care!"

A  Message From Our Founder:
Please Understand, Chiropractic Isn’t What I Do – Chiropractic Is Who I Am!

I Am Dedicated To This Cause – I Will Work, I Will Sacrifice, I Will Fight, I Will Lead, and I Will Endure As If This Entire Struggle Depends On Me Alone To Help Navigate This Profession Through The Challenges Ahead. And Even If I Only Do This Much, I Want To Feel Like I’ve Done Something!

Let Me Be Clear, I Am Not Here To Make An Impression – I Am Here To Make An Impact!  And I Intend To Use My Chiropractic Rocks Platform To Do Just That”.

Please Join Me As We Help “Shape The Future Of Chiropractic and Create The Next Generation Of Chiropractic Legends!”

See you in Burbank! 

Dr. Adam J. Del Torto

Dr. Adam J. Del Torto

Mission Statement

To Advance and Protect the Integrity of "Vitalistic" Subluxation-based, Evidence-based Chiropractic, and Preserve the Philosophies and Principles That This Great Profession was Founded Upon.

                                   One Cause, One Cure . . .