“To unite the profession behind a common cause and reignite our PASSION for chiropractic.  To ensure the future growth and survival of chiropractic with the genesis of a NEW global movement built on compassion, integrity, and commitment to excellence for the future preservation of our profession and perpetuation of VITALISTIC chiropractic”

One Cause, One Cure . . .
Every Spine Needs
Chiropractic Care!

A  Message From our Founder: “I have been in practice for 36 years, but I am NEW to the chiropractic political scene. I had no idea of the high-level of INFIGHTING we have throughout our profession until I started this project.  It is very disconcerting – It’s not like we don’t have enough outside forces trying to take us down that we need to “Shoot inside the tent” and eradicate ourselves from within.  So for one weekend, I am calling on ALL chiropractors to put our differences aside, leave our pistols at the door, and come together under one roof to unite behind a common cause for the Greater Good of Chiropractic”.
UNITED WE STAND . . .  See you in Burbank!
Dr. Adam J. Del Torto

Dr Adam Del Torto

Our Founder – Dr. Adam J. Del Torto


To insure the integrity and future of our great profession by heightening the awareness of "Vitalistic Chiropractic" on a Global Level, and bring the healing benefits of Chiropractic forward to the world.
"Man's Greatest Gift to Man, Chiropractic"


We are summoning the profession to come forward and support our cause to advance the future of chiropractic on a global level. Seize the opportunity to leave your footprint on our great profession, shape the future of chiropractic, and Define our Legacy!

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