June 10-12, 2022 - Burbank Airport Marriott

June 10 - 12th 2022, Burbank CA

Submitted for 17 hours of CE credits


“I would like to invite you, your family, friends, and staff to our Second Annual Chiropractic Rocks Convention in Burbank, CA.  This is the Genesis of a New Chiropractic Movement Built on Passion, Integrity, and Unified Vision!  So Get off the Sidelines and Get in the Game – Seize the Moment and Climb Aboard as we Help Shape the Future of this Great Profession and Pave the Way for the Next Millennium of Chiropractic Super Stars!” 

Unite the Profession Behind a Common Purpose, Reignite the Soul of Chiropractic, and Create the Next Generation of Chiropractic Legends!

Dr. Adam J. Del Torto

Dr Adam Del Torto

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Dr. Adam J. Del Torto