June 5 - 7th 2020, Burbank CA


Our Vision

“To unite the profession behind a common cause and reignite our PASSION for chiropractic.  To ensure the future growth and survival of our profession with the genesis of a NEW global movement built on compassion, integrity, and commitment to excellence for the future preservation of our profession and perpetuation of VITALISTIC Chiropractic.”

Our Vision

One Cause, One Cure . . . Every Spine Needs Chiropractic Care!

“I have been in practice for 36 years, but I am NEW to the chiropractic political scene. I had no idea of the high-level of INFIGHTING we have throughout our profession.  It is very disconcerting – It’s not like we don’t have enough outside forces trying to take us down that we need to “Shoot inside the tent” and eradicate ourselves from within.  So for one weekend, I am calling on ALL chiropractors to put our differences aside, leave our pistols at the door, and come together under one roof to unite behind a common cause for the Greater Good of Chiropractic”.

Dr. Adam J. Del Torto

Dr Adam Del Torto

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Dr. Adam J. Del Torto

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